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Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy

For People in Recovery from Addiction

Sometimes talk therapy alone can only take you so far. Psychedelic therapy involves the use of legal psychedelic medicines to assist in the healing process conducted within a therapeutic setting. Psychedelics hold great potential as a powerful healing medicine when used with intention, proper mind-set, and in a safe environment.


Psychedelics often induce non-ordinary states of consciousness (NOSC) that allow for deeper psychological and spiritual work. This is accomplished through self-exploration, witnessing, and experiencing deeper parts of ourselves that were previously relegated to the unconscious.


Inclusion Recovery only conducts psychedelic therapy sessions with legal psychedelics (currently ketamine).


For people in recovery who choose to do their own type of psychedelic experiences (plant medicines, micro-dosing, other forms of healing, etc.), I provide support through preparation and integration sessions to help ensure a safe healing experience.


Disclaimer: I do not prescribe, recommend or suggest that anyone participates in ingesting illegal substances.

We have created all-inclusive ketamine-assisted therapy packages (medical support and ketamine screening included). Prices range from $4499 - $7999. Please reach out for details.  

Psychedelic Preparation for People in Recovery 

If you’re in recovery from an addiction, considering a psychedelic experience will likely bring up a lot of questions. Especially if you have been taught that all “mind-altering” substances are to be avoided. 


For those who are open to it, and have been properly screened, using psychedelics responsibly hold great potential for healing addictive patterns that have developed over time.


It’s very important to set the stage for increasing the safety and meaning of your psychedelic experience. Going in without an intention is akin to using a substance to escape from the present moment or painful feelings. You’re likely intimately familiar with that strategy and have found it no longer works since you’ve decided on a path of recovery.


There are probably a number of things on your mind that you would like to explore. No need to feel overwhelmed. Together we will delve deep into what you are specifically hoping to gain from a psychedelic experience. We can investigate what feels most significant for you.


A contained psychedelic experience may offer great reach into your unconscious mind and bring to light past memories, mental processes, and emotional patterns that were previously inaccessible.


Again, as a person in recovery you may be leery of using a substance to tap into this subconscious territory, I totally understand. We will do everything in our power to make it safe for you and create the conditions to maximize the potential of a healing experience.



Psychedelic Integration for People in Recovery 

Once awareness has been brought to your above-mentioned unconscious processes, it’s not enough to rest on your laurels. This means just having insight into your patterns is not enough. More work needs to be done to consciously work with what you’ve learned about yourself.


We will reflect on your intentions for the session and identify the most prominent theme and specific type of your individual psychedelic experience. Attempting to integrate a psychedelic experience alone is too tall of an order. We’ll provide the framework.


As a person in recovery, questions may arise on topics such as:


  • Are you going to experience cravings after this experience?

  • How will you now view yourself (aka your identity as a person in recovery)?

  • How (and if) you share your experience with others in recovery? 

  • What are immediate practices you can do to create lasting change?

Complex questions indeed! Participating in a psychedelic experience to deepen your recovery is not for everyone. Only you can decide if you’re called to do so.


Educate yourself. Do the research. Come with questions.

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