My Road to Recovery

It was in Colorado during the late 1990’s when I again painfully realized I had lost myself. I was struggling and my relationships were in shambles. I felt alone. It had been a couple of years since experiencing one of the main reasons I moved to Colorado – skiing in the mountains!

My substance use was getting in the way of me living my best life. Something had to change.


Getting support for understanding my unconscious patterns of how I related to myself and the world was a critical component for transformation to occur. Another truth is that insight is not enough. I had to learn how to work with these mental and emotional patterns. This didn’t happen overnight. It took a lot of emotional honesty, gentleness, supportive relationships, and most importantly…patience.  

Experience and Credentials

Dan Ronken, LPC, LAC, LPCC, LADC 

I'm an experienced licensed therapist in Boulder and a person in long term recovery. I am a pursuer of novelty, which has led me to experience some of life’s greatest highs as well its painful lows. In all of these instances, I have sought deeper meaning.


In my previous career, as the founder of a small marketing agency, I loved the conversations with my clients but found myself wanting more. Becoming an addiction therapist in Boulder has allowed for deeper and more meaningful conversations.

My hobbies include biking, reading, hiking, eating sushi, yoga, skiing, camping, and traveling. I have been described as kind, positive, adventurous, joyful, entrepreneurial, and a risk-taker.