Coronavirus: Mental Health Tips for Getting Through

5 Practical Mental Health Tips:

  • Temporal distancing (the gap between the present and future). Example: Imagine yourself 18 months from now describing your experience of how you successfully managed things and yourself through this difficult period. 

  • Limit media consumption (news articles, opinions, etc.) that leaves you feeling worse. A practical tip is to set a timer (try 30 minutes). Ideally 1x per day. If that’s too tall of an order, try 30 mins in the morning, 30 mins at lunch and 30 mins around dinner.

  • Schedule “worry time” (15 mins or so).
    This may sound like an odd thing to do yet give it a try. Schedule an appointment with yourself (go ahead and put it into your calendar) to dedicate “worry time.” Mentally give them over to something bigger than yourself (whatever that means to you). Once done for the day, you can remind yourself if worrisome thoughts arise throughout the day, that you’re done for the day and it can wait until tomorrow’s “worry time.”

  • Stop using all electronic devices at least 2 hours prior to bed. This will support better sleep.

Coronavirus Sanity Guide by Dan Harris (Author of 10% Happier)

Coronavirus Sanity Guide (Free)

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Free Digital Media Resources

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Reliable Websites

Center for Disease Control (CDC): CDC COVID-19 Website

World Health Organization (WHO): WHO COVID-19 Website